Ice Cream Trip on An Acid Van

Damien Saez

God Blesse / Katagena

Transcription : Fran




Accords :


Am : ×02210

Em : 022000

F:     133211

G :    320033


Intro: (Am        Em)  ×4   puis              Am



                                     Em                            Am

Never wanted to leave this way


                                        Em                         F

Never thought I’d want it to end


                                          Em                       F

But now that I’ve woken you up


                 G                                       Am

Can I lie with you?



                                      Em                Am

Never wanted to close my eyes


                                       Em               F

Never thought I would enjoy it


                                 Em                                 F

But now that I have met you



Can I leave with you?




Would you take me with you?



Would you take me with you?



Please, take me with you


                     Em                                 F                     Em                   F                     G

Just take me with you



Outro: (Am      Em) ×2